Key Personals !

GS Kumar an expert in various aspects of Geomatics, heads the technical team as chairman. Mr. Kumar, former Director, Survey Training Institute (Survey of India), has authored the book titled Aerial Photography (1982) and has co-authored the Encyclopedia of Surveying & Mapping. He is the founder and managing editor of GIS India, the first GIS journal published from India/Asia since 1992. As founder Chairman of MapWorld Technolgies Ltd., Hyderabad, he steered the company for ten years till 2005 developing Digital Photogrammetry, GIS applications and training. .

Brig. N. Dhal one of the few in India with first hand experience of various aspects of topographical and cadastral surveys is the chief-consultant of GeoMap Systems (P) Ltd. Brig. Dhal was the former Chairman and Professor, Institute of Remote Sensing, Anna University (Chennai). He took voluntary retirement as Director, R & D, Survey of India. He has worked extensively in the areas of ground control, field surveys, photogrammetry, ortho-photo generation, and analogue / analytical / digital photogrammetry work stations.
A visionary with clear concepts on all aspects of surveying and mapping has completed several projects successfully with good management and HR skills. Brig. Dhal also taught for advanced level courses in Computer Programming and Photogrammetry at Survey Training Institute, Survey of India.

Maj. Shiva Kiran an ex-army officer, is the founder & director of GeoMap Systems (P) Ltd. Maj. Kiran has over 10 years of experience in the various aspects of geomatics with particular interest in developing applications for business GIS. As founder Director of MapWorld Technologies Ltd., he developed several business GIS applications. Apart from geomatics, Maj. Kiran is associated with Solid Waste Management & Environment related activities. .

Dr. K.B. Chari a thorough GIS professional, is presently associated with GeoMap Systems as Manager (GIS). Dr. Chari has over 6 years of experience in the fields of GIS, remote sensing and software development. Dr. Chari had his MS, MPhil and PhD (GIS & remote sensing) from Pondicherry (Central) University. He has designed and developed several stand-alone GIS packages such as SRPIS (Sathanur Reservoir Project Information System), OWIS (Oussudu Watershed Information System), and HUMIS (Hyderabad Urban Medical Infrastructure Information System). Also, he has conceptualized, designed and developed new indigenous GIS add-on tools: LandStat (Landscape Statistical Package for vector GIS maps), MapViewer (customized graphic user interface for MapInfo) and VISWALS (Virtual Simulation of Water-level Information System). Dr. Chari has published 2 books, 5 technical reports, 17 research papers in both the national and international journals, and has made several conference presentations. Has rich experience in several aspects of geomatics, with keen interest in GIS, remote sensing and GIS-driven software development. Dr. Chari has developed digital GIS for Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu and Gangtok; and several GIS add-on tools and software.

Mr.B.B.Sinha former Surveyor General of India (Survey of India), is an expert in surveying & Mapping, photogrammetry and cartography. Having been the head of national Surveying & Mapping, he is an asset to the company as a Consultant

Mr.V.R.K.Murthy former Surveyor, Survey of India, is an expert in mapping, cartography, Field Surveys, Cadastral Surveys and Photogrammetry. Worked as a Director Survey Projects in Remote Sensing Instruments (RSI). Mr. Murthy is our Chief Technical Manager.

Mr.M.S.Swamy former Surveyor, Survey of India, is an expert in Field Surveys, cadastral surveys, and photogrammetry. Worked as a Deputy General Manager (Photogrammetry & Surveys), Speck Systems Ltd. Mr. Swamy is the Chief Consultant (survey & photogrammetry). He has been carrying out research in 3-D imaging. His 3-D Imaging systems are useful in a broad spectrum of applications ranging from Medical to Archeology to photogorammetry


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GeoMap Quiz Programmes anually since 1990 for school students.

Map Mela ,a unique exhibition of various GIS applications and developments in geomatics, November 2005, hyderabad.

GIS India Journal

India's First GIS Journal (monthly) since 1992.
Centre for Applied Research in Geomatics (CARG)

A registered professional body of geomatics experts.

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