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3D Imaging

Silver Eye: a unique geo-spatial solution that enables to measure and create maps using high-resolution satellite imagery.

Photo Modeler is useful to create accurate, high quality 3D models and measurements from photographs

3D Movies: an innovative, indigenous and cost effective way of making 3D movies

Automatic Vehicle Tracking System
Real-time monitoring of vehicle movement and other mobile assets with the help of GIS, GPS and communication tools customized GIS Solutions


Digital India
and other annual events since 1996.

GeoMap Quiz Programmes anually since 1990 for school students.

Map Mela ,a unique exhibition of various GIS applications and developments in geomatics, November 2005, hyderabad.

GIS India Journal

India's First GIS Journal (monthly) since 1992.
Centre for Applied Research in Geomatics (CARG)

A registered professional body of geomatics experts.

GeoMap Society (GEMS) The popular annual GeoMap Quiz programmes. Since 1990
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