Our Projects !

Our personnel have experience in a variety of Geomatics projects. Some of these are mentioned below.

1. Development of GIS application - HUMIS (Hyderabad Urban Medical Information System) 2005-06.

2. Vehicle Tracking and Locating the spread of across Hyderabad and Secunderabad for Masqati Diary (Hyderabad) 2005-06.

3. Location-based surveys (Geo-demographic survey) for Spencer and Food World retail stores across India. (On-going activity).

4. Location-based GIS analyses for the ATM centers and branches for ICICI Bank and UTI Bank.

5. GIS support for the management of Asian Games at Hyderabad, Oct. 24th to Nov. 1st 2003, and National Games at Hyderabad, Dec 13 - 22.

6. Field Surveys using DGPS and Total Station for pipeline and Highway surveys.

7. Creation of GIS database for Andhra Pradesh Forest Department.

8. 3D feature capture using stereo aerial photographs for Portugal.

9. Map data capture for various towns in India under wet-leasing contract by National Remote Sensing Agency.

10. Consultancy for US country in GIS database design.

Digital India
and other annual events since 1996.

GeoMap Quiz Programmes anually since 1990 for school students.

Map Mela ,a unique exhibition of various GIS applications and developments in geomatics, November 2005, hyderabad.

GIS India Journal

India's First GIS Journal (monthly) since 1992.
Centre for Applied Research in Geomatics (CARG)

A registered professional body of geomatics experts.

GeoMap Society (GEMS) The popular annual GeoMap Quiz programmes. Since 1990
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