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GeoMap Systems (P) Ltd is a Hyderabad-based Geomatics service provider. GeoMap Systems is actively associated with geo-spatial technologies such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS), Field Surveys, Photogrammetry, Training and Other allied fields. GeoMap Systems aims to promote the use of GIS, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing applications in various fields of development.


In India and else where, society is struggling to bring changes in management practices. At GeoMap Systems we strongly believe that Geomatics would revolutionize the planning, Development and Implementation processes from micro to macro levels. We learn from experience and move forward through chaos gaining new insights while trying to develop capacities and capabilities to match the changing needs of the society. We feel grateful for the opportunities we get and therefore providing services bring bring us joy. We value working closely with our clients in developing innovative and cost effective solutions to meet their requirements satisfactorily. We encourage our staff to work as teams, learning from each other and constantly improving our working methods

Digital India
and other annual events since 1996.

GeoMap Quiz Programmes anually since 1990 for school students.

Map Mela ,a unique exhibition of various GIS applications and developments in geomatics, November 2005, hyderabad.

GIS India Journal

India's First GIS Journal (monthly) since 1992.
Centre for Applied Research in Geomatics (CARG)

A registered professional body of geomatics experts.

GeoMap Society (GEMS) The popular annual GeoMap Quiz programmes. Since 1990
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